VLM Music & Business experience:
"Dates from 1967 to 2020"
VLM Special Event Productions are:
"On time and within budget"
VLM is a consultant that strives to help established and developing
musicians & business industry people. Always working with a long-
term vision of creating enduring careers for the musicians & business
industry.  With customized strategic marketing and management
services for every individual person, our main objective is to make
sure you have what you need to navigate a successful career.  Our
expertise also provides solutions for corporations and brands looking
for successful music integration and activation.
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VLM is a professional consultant with deep roots in the music and
business industry. During his 60 years of experience in the industry, he
has worked as a Location Producer, Production Manager, Artist
Business Manager, Performer and has run various production
companies. His diverse experiences has given him insight into the
complexities of making music and making a living making music from
both the artist’s and executive’s perspectives.   It was performing and
managing a group many years ago that led him to his work within the
major music companies in Nashville, Hollywood and Bollywood. He
then continued developing talent and producing world class
entertainment events around the globe. Since 2011 VLM has been a
consultant with Bamboulas/Frenchmen Theatre in New Orleans,
Louisiana. Vaughn spends most of his time working with many artist
producing four (4) three (3) hour music shows per day, seven (7) days
a week. That is 120 music shows per month.  
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